About Me

Hey! I’m Shivam, a 25 years old human, born and brought up in Agra, in the city of Taj. I’m a marketing person. A digital marketer, if I say more precisely. Of course, I’m not going to talk about my professional life here. For that, you can visit my LinkedIn profile. Here, I’m going to tell you about my interests, my hobbies and my travel blog.

Now you have visited this blog, you must be sure what my hobby is. Yes, you’re right! I love travelling. Since my childhood, I almost used to travel to Rishikesh every year with my family. All thanks to my mom, as she is from Rishikesh.

Travel Blogger IndiaOver a period of time, I have developed an interest in travelling. This love for travel and curiosity to explore new places forces me to create this blog and share my travel experiences. Hence, I’m here for you people on your screen presenting my travel blog, Breath Gliding.

In this travel blog, I’m gonna share with you my travel experiences, itineraries, beautiful scenic pictures, things to do and some travel tips as well.

I must say, it’s not just a blog. For me, it’s my passion, my interest, my love or whatever you would like to call. My emotions are attached to this blog as here I can freely connect with different people and we all can explore & learn new things from each other.

So, I would really love to connect with you guys. You can connect with me using my Facebook page, my Instagram profile and you can also contact me here.

Keep loving!