Cheapest way to reach from Delhi to Nainital

How I reached Delhi to Nainital in Rs.175 only (Train+Bus)

There are various posts available on the internet explaining to you how to reach Nainital. You can travel either by road or by rail or by air, as per your comfort. But what about those people who want to travel to Nainital with a very low budget? This question made me write this post on how I reached from Delhi to Nainital in 175 bucks. Read the full post to understand the whole itinerary.

From Delhi to Nainital under 200 bucks!

Last year, my friend and I thought to plan a vacation to Nainital. But the problem was that we had very less amount of money with us at that time, as we were simply college-going students. We did a lot of research online, we checked hotels, routes, etc. Yeah! We found the cheapest way to reach Nainital from Delhi.

I know anyone can research the cheapest route available to Nainital, yet I realised that there is a lack of proper guidance online. I’m sure this post gonna help you out in a true manner.

So, we divided our travel into 2 parts, the first one is travelling from Delhi to Haldwani via train, and the second one is travelling from Haldwani to Nainital via local bus. Let’s dive into the details of the journey.

Part 1 – Delhi to Haldwani

First, we booked a train with the name “Utr Samprk K Ex” which departed from Old Delhi railway station, Chandni chowk, at around 4 PM in the evening. It took approximately 6 hours for us to reach Haldwani railway station, arrived at around 10 PM in the evening.

It costs us INR 110 per ticket (prices may change, check IRCTC). Although it is a “second seating” or “2S” class. But if one has a low budget, then this can also be a good experience to have. For availability of seats, book the tickets 3-4 days prior to the date of travel. However, during the peak time, book the tickets as soon as possible

We also carried with us some homemade food, so as to save some bucks. 😛

After reaching Haldwani, we walked for 5-7 minutes towards Haldwani bus stand. We thought to stay in Haldwani for a night, so as to enjoy the nightlife of this town. We found a room next to the bus stand, they charged us INR 400 a room for a night. That is INR 200 per person.

The room was small, but enough for 2 people to sleep. It was not a proper hotel, we can say a sort of single room apartments. We ordered a plate of Maggi. After having that, we locked our room at 11:45 PM and went outside. The environment was good. Street food was also available like Maggi (Noodles), South Indian food, North India food, Kulfi Faluda (dessert), Shakes, etc. That’s how our day ends.

Part 2 – Haldwani to Nainital

Next morning we woke up and freshen up ourselves. Checked out from there. Had some amazing food “Chole Bathure with Lassi and Jalebi“, and got ready to proceed ahead.

We took a local bus from Haldwani bus stand to Nainital. It costs us around INR 65 per ticket. After 1 hour approx. we reached Nainital. Finally!

Pahadi Faalse - Delhi to Nainital
Don’t forget to eat Pahaadi Faalse in between your way:-P

Conclusion – Delhi to Nainital

This is how we reached from Delhi to Nainital in INR 175 (excluding food and stay). This is one of the cheapest ways to reach Nainital. Train INR 110 per ticket + Bus INR 65 per ticket.

I hope you found this post helpful and you have enjoyed reading this post. If yes, I would love to receive your comments below. Also, if there is any update regarding the prices or the route, please do let me know. It will be really helpful.

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Thanks for reading. Keep Gliding!

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